Picking the Easiest Clothes to Put on Newborns

how-to-buy-baby-clothesIt’s not very easy to dress newborns, what with their lack of movement and understanding. A large child, parents can ask to move their arms or legs to fit into the clothes or just move those appendages for them. But with a newborn child, it’s a bit tougher.

Parents are super careful about moving their head and neck, not wanting to hurt their child or cause them discomfort. Their chubby, little arms can be hard to move, and parents sometimes worry that when they bend their child’s arms at a young age, they will pull to hard or cause harm to their child somehow.

That’s why many parents are choosing clothes that are easier to put on than conventional newborn boy clothes and girl clothes. They want something that they can slip their child into effortlessly, without a lot of fussing, pulling and contorting.

One of the things they look for are clothes that are slightly large on their child. This not only gives the child room to grow, but it also means that they don’t have to squeeze their kind into the clothes and can fit them into them more comfortably. Many people will shop on sites like newborn baby boy clothes for clothes that are slightly larger than what their kid needs right now.

Other parents look for clothes that have lots of buttons. This makes them easy to open up and slip the child into and then just button down to where they need to be. One great trend in this area is that of shoulder buttons. This allows a small child’s large head to fit into newborn baby clothes without leaving a very large neck hole once the clothes are on. The opening can be widened by opening the buttons and then made smaller by snapping them closed. It’s a great way to ease the child into the clothes and avoid discomfort.

Parents also look for onesies for the children so that they don’t have to work their child into lots of different newborn baby boy clothes and girl clothes. They can simply put on one piece of clothing and be done with it, which takes a lot of stress and frustration out of the changing process for parents and babies alike.

Easy fitting options will continue to be healthy trends for the foreseeable future, as parents look for easy ways to clothe their children and ensure their comfort.