Home Made Energy Ebook Review

For hundreds of years people relied on what they could make with their own two hands. From growing food to building their own homes by hand, people have a long history of self-sufficiency. This is one thing that makes Home Made Energy such an exciting prospect. Over the years, self-sufficiency has been replaced by a reliance on professionals and corporations, which means you are working day in and day out for money, which you then exchange for products and services. http://www.energysmart.com.au/ What if you could keep more of that hard to come by cash in your own pocket?

Energy Costs

You can trim the budget in a number of ways including cutting back on driving, choosing more inexpensive products and even trimming the food allowance. However, one bill that is very hard to cut back on is your electric bill, you can park the car and not drive it for a day or two to save money but the same principle will not work with your utilities. How much are you spending to power your home every month? Each year?

Home Made Energy

Ben Ford discovered a way to wipe out his electric bill in less than 30 days! In fact, his system actually forced the electric company to send him a check for creating electricity. Does this sound like a fairy tale or a dream come true? Either way if the end result is a lowered electric bill or no bill at all, wouldn’t it be worth a few minutes of your time?

If you are still on the fence, you might be interested in knowing that an entire town managed to use this same process to show the electric company exactly how they felt about rising energy costs. While you may think, it is impossible to slow your use here are a few people who have found a way to do just that! The process may be a bit unconventional but it is simple and offers peace of mind that is hard to come by in this day and age. Imagine not having an electric bill or even getting a check in the mail.
From the efforts of one frustrated energy user there is now a simple do it yourself energy system that you can incorporate into your own home. This world has an abundant energy source known as the sun, the only problem is figuring out how to harness and store that power for use in your home, which is exactly what you will get from Home Made Energy.


One electrician got the shock of his life after the power company installed a new meter on his home, an electric bill that was double the previous month! After countless attempts to resolve the situation, including becoming a power “Nazi” in his own home, Bill Ford figured out a way to free himself, his family and neighbors from the rising cost of electricity. The process is simple, even a novice or someone technologically ignorant can achieve the same goals!

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